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Old 07-16-2012, 08:34 PM
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Default Why are people against cyclist Do I ruin there flow

Out cycling today running low on water we turned onto NW Moreland Rd from NW Skyline bvld saw a man messing with his tractor. We ask for water, he says its not really my problem, we didn't say anything, then he says you know what we think of bicyclers up here, we said no, he says not much. What a dick head!
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Old 07-17-2012, 09:56 AM
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I've infrequently ridden out as far as Moreland Rd on Skyline. Used to ride out Skyline and drop down on Eliot and Rock Creek Rd. There's some animosity towards cyclists out there, but the area isn't very heavily populated...at least, it didn't used to be...so there isn't much traffic.

I never had a problem. Maybe once on RCR, someone came unnecessarily close as I was slowly winding up a short climb before it rounded the corner to a basically flat, straight stretch. Almost always quiet.

I've almost always ridden solo, making it fairly easy for people to pass me. Cyclists riding together potentially creates a big challenge for faster traffic...motor vehicles...to pass around them. In their riding and holding the lane, being slow to pull over when the opportunity may have been there, I've no doubt there have been plenty examples made to the local residents, in which cyclists from the city unwittingly or otherwise, presented themselves as jerks.

I would probably have seized on the opportunity to gently quiz the guy. But then...I feel I may have a somewhat better sense of where country people are at than I do city people. Need to get a good map of the UGB(urban growth boundary), but I think Moreland Rd is probably firmly within it, but as always...potentially threatened by development in future. Maybe not this one cranky guy you ran into, but I figure most local residents that want future generations of their families to continue to be able to grow and live in the countryside, have a very important common interest with most cyclists in working to keeping the land out there countryside.

Next time you're riding out that way, wave and smile a lot, always get over as soon as reasonably possible when a car is behind you, and take an extra water bottle.
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Old 07-17-2012, 10:47 AM
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seems odd that somebody that is used to driving a slow farm vehicle would have anything against cyclists...

we're also the most likely to be going slow enough past his property to notice when he gets pinned under that tractor and needs help... hopefully when in need he'll be seen by somebody he hasn't already put off...
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