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Old 01-26-2006, 11:06 AM
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Default NE 28th Avenue & Wasco

I have decided to put aside my vengeful ideas and instead post a report of what happened late last summer (2005). Here is what I wrote in my notebook at the time:

I was headed north in the bike lane of NE 28th and since there was no traffic coming behind me, moved into the traffic lane to take a right turn into the parking lot of Hollywood Fred Meyers. The oncoming car took a left in front of me which I did not expect him to do. [I estimate I was going 10-15MPH.] I panicked an turned harder right because I did not want to go under his car (that was my thought at the time) and managed to turn so that we touched but not violently. My left thigh rested against his rear door for 1-2 seconds. He turned left at the first turn into the lot and so I was able to separate from his car. He then followed a lane (wrong way down a marked one-way) in a long path to his parking spot & I followed closely. He finally stopped in a spot in front of the B entrance, rolled down his window & asked me what my problem was (or something like that).

I told him I wanted to talk to him about his driving and he rolled his eyes and rolled up his window. When he opened his door I told him he hit me with his car and he looked incredulous and angry and told me, "I did not hit you with my car." I was emphatic and told him thigs I probably shouldn't have, like, "You drive like an idiot." I might have told him here that I had not been hurt. I was expecting him to at least ask if I was okay, or apologize, or ask for details. Instead, he walked away, so I called the non-emergency police number. He watched me while I took his license plate number, as if I would hurt his car. He thinks I'm crazy, like I'm trying to sue or something, but really I would hope he would acknowlege that he made a mistake. He was not willing to give me the time of day, which makes me wonder what he would have done HAD I been hurt.

I believe it is near impossible that he did not see me coming. I believe that had I been driving a car it would have totalled his car and have been HIS fault. I feel very lucky I was not hurt.

When he came out from his shopping I told him that I had called the police and that they were on the way. I suggested to him he should not leave, as it would constitute a hit-and-run. He told me, "Look, you've got problems" and rolled his eyes again. I was flabbergasted and told him I'm a registered nurse, educated, upstanding, employed, etc. He said it didn't matter. I replied, "It does matter - people hit other people all the time and don't feel it." He pulled away and as he drove off he looked at me and gave me the "you're cuckoo" look (finger circles ear). A few people in the parking lot witnessed it, but did not get involved.
When the officer came, I described the man and his car: intimidatingly tall (over 6'), maybe 60 years old, car make, license plate#. The police man came back and confirmed that this driver has a history of at least one DUI, and gave me the man's address: 3021 NE Broadway. Because I was not hurt and there was no property damage, the incident could not be charged as hit-and-run. However, the officer said that if I wanted to claim I was injured he would arrest the man. If I wanted to press charges, I could have, but I decided to let it go. All this time I have thought about how to "get back" at this driver, but now I realize the best way to get back and let go is to just publish the information.

If you ever see a grey-haired man rolling out of 3021 NE Broadway in a tan luxury sedan with red Porscha stickers in the rear window, MOVE OUT OF THE WAY. This man is not only blind, but he could be drunk, and to top it all off, he doesn't give a rat's ass about you!
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Old 01-27-2006, 07:25 AM
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Default Ow Fuck

My neck. My neck. Turns out it was a hit and run....Go see a doctor, talk to Dabby, he'll fill you in on the details. Someone has got to pay...
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Old 01-29-2006, 09:57 PM
Dabby McCrashalot Dabby McCrashalot is offline
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Default Ouch My Neck!

Hell yeah you are injured. When I ran into you this morning you looked like crap.
You better see a doctor, and those great policemen can run right on over to his house and pick him up for you.
This is gonna work out great for you.
But not for him.....
If Dabby pukes in the woods, and there is no one there to see it, does it make him faster?
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