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Old 09-08-2008, 01:24 PM
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Originally Posted by wsbob View Post
Duncan, that's a funny CL ad. Guy's quite the creative writer.

I have no idea whether how much credibility there is to the 'can't get it up bike seat syndrome'. Don't know of any studies on the topic. It makes sense that if you're jammin on your bottom end excessively, you could get some swelling that wouldn't necessarily be beneficial.

The bike I ride has a saddle with a depressed center line. I think it puts less pressure on the bottom end than the conventional hard saddle on my other bike, but I haven't ridden it for so long, I can't remember just exactly how they differ. Neither are very high quality saddles. Some of you are probably well aware that Brooks and Selle Marco have saddles indirectly designed to address this issue:

Brooks imperial saddle project


also, lots of talk on bikeforums about the Brooks:

bikeforums Brooks Imperial Saddle reviews
That Brooks Imperial saddle looks awesome, though I really like my current Books a lot too. To me it seems less about saddle (though still important) and more about posture. That "hunched over" position that I see so many people here riding in puts pressure squarely on the perineum. Granted a properly fitted saddle should alleviate some (if not most) of the pressure, but it still seems like a risk I'm not willing to take until more research can be done...though I'm not even sure it matters to me at this point as the more I ride my new Azor, the more I love it...though I do miss occasional faster/robust rides
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Old 09-13-2008, 09:34 AM
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Default A rare opportunity to observe natural selection in action. Those who deny or dismiss

A rare opportunity to observe natural selection in action. Those who deny or dismiss the sensations in the crotch, or are hardware chauvinists keeping a seat that is in fact uncomfortable, will go unrepresented in the gene pool.
I had a big laugh a few months ago when the Oregonian featured a page on bike fit and fitters. A local sports medicine guy was quoted saying aproximately, "It's probably your seat adjustment. Just watch the pro's, they vary their perch side to side, forward to back, ..."
He's describing the symptoms, not the cure. Thanks doc.
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