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Old 05-09-2013, 05:23 PM
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Default Bicyclist... again!

TriMET stops at the stop sign and 2 cars stop at their stop signs. Two, count them, *2* drivers motion me to cross. Just after I set one foot into the crosswalk I get buzzed by a bicyclist that came up behind me and turned right, literally right in front of me. Hauling ass, did not slow down, did not say anything or look back when I called him a fucking asshole...

I seriously plead for all of you byclicsts that run stop signs, please do it against oncoming motor vehicle traffic until you make terminal contact with something. We really do not need you polluting the gene pool. At least you idiots aren't behind the wheel, because we all know you drive just as poorly in cars.

TLDR: White dude wearing "the shit" ie, skintight racing gear, cutsy little mini-backpack so he can stay aerodynamic, sunglasses.
License plate? NONE.
Any consideration for other people? NONE.
Location? I have fucking lost count this week.
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Old 05-09-2013, 11:06 PM
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Alas there are few evolutionary pressures on American society (or elsewhere) that select for high intelligence; there are fewer still that select against the brain dead zombies that populate our streets.

It's too much to hope that the dangerous morons will kill themselves off cleanly; they almost always kill a family of 4 while surviving with minor injuries.

When the scientists are mapping the human brain over the next decade they need to find the caffeine/Ritalin switch in people's brains and require that drivers wear an electric device that ensures that the attention center of the brain is 100% on and just as focused on the task at hand.
Afterwards you can turn it off and go back to being a space cadet.
Knowledge is NOT a crime.
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