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Old 03-21-2009, 09:50 PM
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Rivendell probably has the best selection of 650B tires:

Rivendell Tires

If I can get my tires at Universal, that's what I do as you save on shipping.

Don't forget that Schwalbe's North American headquarters is in Vancouver BC area, and they do take internet orders.

I just ordered some creme reflex Delta Cruiser Schwalbes direct from the site (can't find them anywhere else with the reflector strip and white color). They were sent in 3 days, by FedEx ground.

So Schwalbe is quick delivery.

Here are their 650B tires, only two:

Marathon HS 368

and a cyclocross model:

Racing Ralph

Harris Cyclery has Panaracers:

and Peter White also sells studded Nokian 650B's if you are a diehard:

I like the idea of 650B tires, as most fat 700 tires don't fit well into a normal road frame. I just wish Kogswell didn't have the sloping top tube. Sloping tob tubes are evil, you know?
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Old 03-22-2009, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by keithwwalker View Post
Sloping tob tubes are evil, you know?
Please explain. I am just genuinely curious. I have been reading Randonneurs USA /Oregon and have becoming quite intrigued and was wanting to know what kinds of bikes are best. I was wondering if my old Motobecane Grand Touring could make the cut as well.

(Most of my interest has been sparked by Lynne's blogs)
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Old 03-22-2009, 06:41 PM
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you'll see all kinds of bikes on rando rides. Basically, the bike you can ride on for hours and hours and hours and hours and it has cargo capacity for what you need to take along. I'd still be riding my early 80's 27" Sekai 2400, if it hadn't self-destructed a couple of years ago.

In the PNW, fenders are kind of a given

That said, yes, I ride a Riv Bleriot, but isn't the last rando bike I'll have. I'm in line for a custom. Some folks ride Ti bikes, some ride aluminum. Some build their own bikes. Some ride recumbents. There are a few 650B bikes in the mix, some 26" wheel bikes in the mix. Whatever works for you and isn't going to have some awful mechanical out in the middle of nowhere. Wheels with more than 18 spokes are probably a good idea.

I've got racks on my bike. Many folks get away with a front rack and front bag, or a front bag without the rack. I'm short, so I need a rack keeping my capacious seat bag away from my rear wheel. If I had a 700C bike, things would be a lot tighter, in a bad way.

That said, if I'm riding a 200km in perfect weather, I'll ride the Lemond Zurich (steel frame) - which breaks all the points I made above
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