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Old 11-21-2007, 06:13 PM
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Default Springwater Trail Riders can help stop vandal harassing cats under the R.I. Bridge

There is a managed colony of six feral cats residing in the brushy area near the bike path just south of the Ross Island Bridge. "Managed" means that they have all been neutered at clinics provided by the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon (www.feralcats.com). Several volunteers have been taking turns feeding them daily for the past two years.

Under the power line tower we put three sleeping shelters made from large Rubbermaid tubs lined with straw. The deluxe version had housing insulation. The elderly orange cat especially enjoyed that one.

The Current Situation:
Some time on Sunday, Nov. 19, all three shelters were vandalized. The lids were stolen and the insulation was ripped up. The damage was without a doubt caused by a human.

Last year about this same time, similar incidents began to occur and continued for about two months before abruptly stopping. At that time the vandal destroyed a series of four wooden structures that a volunteer had built to protect the cats' food from rain. Each time we replaced one, he came and removed or destroyed it. We know it's a man because last year somebody caught a glimpse of him carrying one of the shelters away on a bike. We are assuming it's the same guy now.

Last year we left messages for him, asking him to e-mail one of us so we could set up a meeting with him and maybe talk this out, but he is a coward and was not willing to face us, although he did leave some irate, illogical notes.

Our experience last year suggests that the vandal will be back and will continue to harass the cats, destroying any attempts we make to salvage the shelters or create new ones.

What you can do:
We are asking cyclists to be on the lookout for anyone messing with the feeding area or the sleeping shelters when they ride through that section of the trail. If you see such activity, please post on this thread any observations you make. What does he look like? How does he dress? What does his bike look like? What kind of gear is on his bike? What day of the week and time of day was it?

If you can get a photo without putting yourself at risk and post it here that would be a major help. We could make signs with the photo on them and post them at the site, embarrassing the guy and letting him know people are watching for him. That alone might make him back off.

Any clues you can give us that will help identify this man will be much appreciated. We want to give these cats the best life that is possible for them without interference from this cruel person.
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