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Old 06-15-2012, 08:12 AM
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Default Barbur Improvements

My daily commute takes me along Barbur most days, and as many of you know, it can raise one's pulse given the high traffic speed, multiple bridge crossings, and the turn off to B-H Hwy where many drivers fail to recognize the right-of-way for cyclists continuing on Barbur. A few months ago on the main page, Jonathan posted that an improvement was in the works at the turn off.

Yesterday on the ride home, a new green thermoplastic stripe was added to the bike lane running up to the slip lane, but not over it. This could easily be interpreted by all road users not as a warning to drivers to yield, but instead as a message to cyclists "Hey, watch out. Your lane is ending." I sent an alarmed email to ODOT telling them how terrible of design it was.

This morning, it appears a crew had come through and continued the stripe through the bike lane on Barbur (albeit interrupted), sending the proper message to motorists that they are CROSSING an existing lane of traffic. Tail tucked between my legs, I sent an apology to ODOT for being too hasty with my judgements.

No doubt, there will still be some less-than-aware motorists who will still fail to yield, but hopefully this will make a rather dangerous section of road at least slightly less dangerous. It doesn't help if I'm dead, but if I do get hit, at least there might be more support in court should there be some sort of collision.
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