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Old 02-15-2012, 10:17 AM
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Default Biking, Walking into the future with Beaverton's Civic Plan

Midweek, bikeportland published a story on its main page, briefly introducing Beaverton's Mayor Denny Doyle and providing info about upcoming opportunities to meet, listen to and ask questions of mayor Doyle about Beaverton's Plans to improve Beaverton's downtown by way of a redesign, and through its long in development Civic Plan...areas of Beaverton beyond downtown for better ease, practicality by which to travel about Beaverton on foot and bike.

Story received a modest number of comments, but in one of them, somebody thought to include the link to the Beaverton Civic Plan/The Land Use and Transportation Strategy pdf(one of three companion documents), which anyone can download and take a look at to study for themselves, to get a sense of what type and degree of improvement to walking and biking infrastructure has been conceived of and included in the list of projects at this point.

This is a 20-30 year plan. Some things in the plan will be taken on very soon. Others may have to wait years and decades before being built. The plan gives some specific ideas about the timeline for projects itemized. I encourage everyone with an interest in urban and neighborhood livability, and being able to get between their neighborhood and places to shop, get some chow, see a show...to take as close a look as they can at this document. It's not easy reading or easy to understand, but I think most people will find it worth the effort for the insight they'll gain about plans in the works.

Since I live in Central Beaverton just east of the Beaverton Transit Center, my personal interest happens to focus in particular on the Central Beaverton neighborhood. It's not just my own personal priorities that account for my interest in improvements to be made to Central Beaverton's walking and biking infrastructure. Central Beaverton is essentially the heart of Beaverton...its downtown, spread out and bisected as it unfortunately is by at least two regional thoroughfares. The Civic Plan should be seeking to have walking and biking infrastructure be more than a modest concession on the part of growth. Whether the plan actually is more than a modest concession, is something I'm curious about what other people think, especially the thoughts of some of you people I've come to know here in the forums.

So...take a look at the Civic Plan...if you dare. If you've got some ideas about it, post them. I could go on and on about things I've read in the plan...but there might be more to gain if everyone takes a look at the plan themselves and throws some ideas out there.

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