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Old 07-05-2011, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Chain of Fool View Post
Follow your own advice and take your chances with the sharks. Those joggers have your number. Before the end of the summer they're going to jump you and toss your bike over the fence.
Too funny!
I confess. I did ride the fanno trail today, because I wished for a little reprieve from the shark tank! No repeat offending mind you!
Sometimes when I'm out doing a shopping run, I'll be offered a free sample (cut of pizza, doughnut, cheezywiz thingy)...little do they know that behind every bite is my gasoline!
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Old 07-05-2011, 03:40 PM
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I run into that often, especially evenings and weekends.

I always remind myself that this trail is very clear the other 9 months of the year when it isn't sunny and dry.
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Old 07-05-2011, 04:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Simple Nature View Post
Sounds like you need to get out more, Bob

It is absolutely astounding how little attention people pay to others on the trail. I do a lot of "tracking" on my trike... I see wonderers, iPlod'rs, the "gang of 3 (abreast)", the "my dog has a right to 20' of leash" peeps ("...and it won't bite!" rots & pits), and even the "my kid rides his/her bike very well" crowd where the child is clueless and all over the trail.

Indeed an "on your left" or a tinkle of the handlebar bell -should- be enough but even with people just yacking away have found a way to simply ignore the basic means of gaining attention that us old timers are quite aware of at all times. Although I don't carry one, I use to have the boat horns for the river (required on boats). I'll tell you, if all else fails, a quick blast of that baby will definitely increase the adrenaline level of anyone in another zone.

I never count on the trails to go anywhere near commute speed. As a matter of fact, a 7 mph limit is highly recommended by the parks departments. The question is, what -is- the polite way to announce yourself and what -is- the acceptable ways to elevate that "notification"? My bell is ineffective probably 20% of the time.

A lot of serious recumbent riders have AirZounds on their 'bents and they are -not- afraid to use them. Generally these are only for waking up drivers but if you're good with the trigger, there are occasions when a short burst is warranted on the trails.
"Sounds like you need to get out more, Bob ..." simple nature

I get out enough...but mostly avoid places where lollygaggers congregate. The Tualitan Hills Nature Park is the exception. I like going slow there, so parents with kids, disabled or old people ambling along with canes, chairs and so forth, is fine with me.

In past comments though, to other threads touching on the range of activity the nature park finds itself being used for, I've noted observations about some of the joggers/runners I've come across there. Regularly, some of them have been obnoxious. Of those I've seen whose actions seem due criticism, it's not that they've refused to acknowledge someone behind them needing to pass, or have refused to yield to trail users approaching from the opposite direction. The problem, is that they tend to be noisy; feet clomping on the pavement (two paved trails in the park.)...too many of them together (a couple schools nearby, so apparently the high school cross-country team kind of likes running through there...who can blame them?)...and of course, if they're not wearing their I-pods (hey...it's kind of nice to listen to the birds and whatnot when traveling through a nature park ! ?)...they're yakking. I mean...hey...it's a natural area...a place of nature awareness, peace and inner reflection...can't they make a little bit like a native american while they're running in the areas' nature parks? Try to be quiet...make light footfalls...listen for other trail users approaching...when they do, let them go past without making it be an ordeal for them.

I don't much like riding the Fanno Creek trail. Not because of joggers...the few times I've ridden it, there were almost none, and only a few walkers (winter) ..but because it's not much of a road bike route. It's lousy for riding very fast on.

It's a great feature for the city, but for riding a bike much faster than 7mph, Portland's waterfront park (think it's part of what's called the 'greenway trail'), and the eastside esplanade, is a pain too.

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Old 07-06-2011, 12:23 PM
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Default Stay off the MUPs

Comon, We're true cyclists now. We belong to the forum. We don't need no steenkin MUP! We ride hard, we ride fast - we'll take to the streets. It's our job folks. The MUP's are safe enough already - in fact, we're adding the danger so...

Let's complete our mission proper - get out on the street and cruise cuz as studies have shown - more bikes=increased safety!

Don't hide on the MUP's. The Springwater is for Sissies! So flat and smooth... and awesome for everyone EXCEPT those cyclists who can and must go screamin' fast.

Brave cyclists, please consider the MUP a training ground for new cyclists and a walking path for pedestrians, runners, rollerblades, dogs, etc.
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fanno creek, portland oregon.

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