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Old 04-07-2011, 01:03 PM
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Default Quick food without bike lock and bladder relief?

There are a couple issues I could use some guidance/input on.

I ride for recreation, fitness and for shopping. Unless I'm grocery shopping with my bike trailer I like my pockets empty (put everything in my seat bag) except for maybe a beanie or gloves. That being said, I don't pack a lunch and I feel that not having a lunch break has kept me, energy wise, from getting in the realm of 50+ mile bike rides. I don't want to pack on the extra weight of my u-lock or a backpack. What are your tips and strategies to parking your bike at the mini mart/fast food joint without a lock? I'm talking about a scenario where you would possibly have constant visibility through the window at your bike and your stay inside the establishment wouldn't be more than a couple minutes?

Sometimes nature calls when I'm out on a ride away from restroom facilities, especially in the winter months. I like to wash my hands and powder my nose just like the best of us, but when I have to go, behind a dumpster works. How do you all handle this issue? What do you look for? I currently look for dumpsters or alley ways with alcoves. I always feel too weird to walk my bike into some dense shrubbery. Its like a huge sign that says "IM GOING DOWN HERE TO URINATE OR DEFECATE OR POSSIBLY DO HARD DRUGS". Dumpsters and alleyways are quick, easy and more unseen than other options. I cant be the only one riding and sometimes the only thing on my mind is "where to relieve myself!?!?!" I really enjoy the "freeride" concept with no destination or planned stops. So I'm looking for "commando" options.

Please and thank you
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