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Old 08-01-2009, 08:14 PM
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Angry Witnessed car/cell phone induced crash...

While volunteering for the Hottest Day of The Year Ride, I was riding with Jon, and we decided to check to see if the storm drain grates on SE Morrison by River City Bikes had been replaced. They hadn't been.

We then were working our way down to the starting point of our route marking when we witnessed a cyclist crash after nearly being broadsided by a CELL PHONE using SUV ASSHAT.

Jon and I had been passed by a rather serious looking (read spandex/roadie) female rider just as we were approaching SE Morrison and SE 2nd. There is no stop sign for WB traffic on SE Morrison, and apparently neither is there one for SB traffic on SE 2nd. However the WB traffic is squeezed between buildings and covered by the bridge, which drastically limits visibility of NB or SB traffic. NB and SB traffic have a wide lane, and can see a lot more ( Presuming of course that their head isn't firmly planted up their ASS while they talk on their FUCKING CELL PHONE!!!)

Cyclist made her way into the intersection, and only just managed to avoid being broadsided by the metalic grey SUV by swerving. The motorist did slow, but didn't stop, until after she cleared SW Morrison. Then got out to see the results of her PISS-POOR driving. The cyclist collided with the first bridge support on the southwest side of the intersection.

The driver did get out, and shouted an appology, but the cyclist was very upset and shouted a few words at the driver. Jon and I assisted her, but she didn't want to discuss what happened, and didn't want to take anything from the driver. She picked herself up, and then continued on her way West.

The driver went back to her car, and discussed with three Hispanic witnesses who pointed out the "stop" line, which isn't a stop line at all (it's part of the RR crossing Buck).

I managed to get photos of the car, but not the driver (I think), Don't know if I got the cyclist in a photo.

Jon and I stuck around for a few minutes, and took photos, and eventually the driver left SB on 2nd, turning East a couple of blocks later. I'm uploading the photos tonight.

I was a bit stunned by what I witnessed, and didn't think to call the police until several minutes later, but I did, and gave them my info.

I'm still (obviously) very angry at the driver, had she been driving, rather than chatting up her friend, she might have been able to spot the rider before nearly having her embedded in her grill.

As I see it, the rider can still make a case, and the PPD has the driver's plate number. I'd be a willing witness.

For others who find themselves in this uncomfortable situation, I'd suggest that you stop the cyclist from leaving, unless there's an immediate threat to them from the driver. Call the Police, disreguard the cyclist's arguements against it (unless you find yourself being threatened, then retreat and call anyway). If this cyclist turns out to be really hurt, the driver *could* be cited for failing to perform the duties of a driver (as well as other possible charges). Get your cameras out, and start taking pics/videos.

Be Safe Out There People, Ride Like You're Invisible!
Riding my bike is MY pursuit of Happiness!!!

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Old 08-01-2009, 10:29 PM
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"The cyclist collided with the first bridge support on the southwest side of the intersection."

Wondering then, why the cyclist didn't want to stick around and discuss the situation. Could be a number of reasons. Maybe she didn't even realize she was dealing with a DUICP (driver under the influence of cell phone).

Fortunately, she was in good enough shape to continue on her way under her own power.

It was a nice thought, but it's probably going to take much, much more than the law Oregon recently passed (even if backed up with citations and enforcement) to stop people from doing the dangerous 'cell phone chatting in moving vehicle tango'. I'm inclined to think that most drivers will not be separated from their cell phones. They won't pull over to talk either.
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