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Old 08-13-2008, 01:11 AM
r1c3aroni r1c3aroni is offline
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Question Need a bike!!!

I Dont have a bike but we like one to start riding. The problem is i dont know what i want and most of the bikes i've looked at i cant afford cause im a college student and moneys a little tight....
just wondering if you guys have any ideas on cheap bikes or any places that have deals going on

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Old 08-13-2008, 06:23 AM
Grant Grant is offline
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Default best bike deals

Your best bet is probably going to be a used bike.

First figure out what your budget is, don't forget to leave some money for accesories like bike locks and helmets. Then figure out what type of bike you want: road, mountain, touring, hybrid etc. After that do a little research on bike fitting and get a rough idea of what size a bike you will need.
Finally, find your bike. Hit garage sales, Craigs list, the Community Cycling Center etc, anywhere used bikes are for sale. Most important thing is to ride as many as you can so you can really find the one that has the best feel.
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Old 08-13-2008, 03:57 PM
brettoo brettoo is offline
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In fact, CCC is having a sale this very weekend:


DIY Oversupply Tent Sale This Weekend

Stop by the Community Cycling Center and pick up a reasonably-priced grocery-getter, playa bike, or college cruiser.

Save big on pre-loved, commuter-style bicycles in need of a little tender loving care on Saturday, August 16th and Sunday, August 17th. The majority of these are 21-speed mountain bikes ready for a city commuter conversion.

DIY bicycles will be for sale starting from $25 and our friendly retail staff will help you determine the repairs that each bicycle will require to get “road ready.” Think of it as an everything-must-go yard sale staffed by extremely knowledgeable and helpful bike experts.

Don’t have time to DIY? We would be happy to fix your new-to-you bicycle – we can give you an estimate of labor and repair costs on the spot!

The DIY Oversupply Tent Sale will take place under the canopy behind the Community Cycling Center shop from 10am-7pm both days.
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Old 08-14-2008, 12:41 PM
fredlf fredlf is offline
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Default DIY bike work

The CCC is super cool and these bikes seem like a great opportunity. I'd pick one up myself if I didn't already have about 14,000 bike projects going. If you're at all handy (and even if you're not), most basic repairs and adjustments on a bike are easy to learn and do. Only a small handful of tools are needed and several local shops actually offer fully equipped rental work spaces and helpful advice. Plus there are books and zillions of web resources, including this forum.

<gets on soapbox> I think it's a shame so many people feel they can't fix/maintain/build things themselves. IMHO, it's a symptom of our hyper-consumerist culture where services are made into commodities. That's not to wish any ill on the many worthy bike mechanics who aren't paid enough for what they do, but just an observation that with bikes, as with many things, people would feel safer and more confident if they believed they had some mechanical control over that black box beneath them called a bike. <clambers down off soap box, picks it up and wanders off into the distance muttering>
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Old 08-14-2008, 05:05 PM
bikerinNE bikerinNE is offline
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Default CityBikes Co-op

Check out Citybikes Coop, there bike sales annex. Up stairs they have used bikes that they sell.
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Old 09-16-2008, 02:41 PM
jami jami is offline
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Default humble beginnings

my first portland commuting bike was an ooooooold $5 schwinn i got at a yard sale (talked 'em down from $10!). it was brick heavy and no-frills, but riding it instead of driving my giant american car let me save up enough to get a hundred-dollar bike at citybikes in no time. i'd be happy with that one still if it hadn't been stolen, so i got a $200 motobecane at citybikes, which is lovely and light as air and i wouldn't have any other.

if you can afford $100+, look for something light, and i highly recommend citybikes. if you're looking to spend less than $50, that's do-able, too. with the money you save on gas, you can trade up in no time.
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