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Old 07-20-2008, 04:05 PM
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Default For "What to Do"

Per the comments made in Jonathan's latest blog entry:

Originally Posted by WhatToDo
hello, I'm new to having a bicycle. And I find that there is not enough in formation for newbies for any area having to do with riding.Some is common sense but some is experience. It would be nice to know things like How not to get your bike stolen? How to lock it up properly? Where is it safe or unsafe to go with your bike? What your tire pressure supposed to at? Is there a seat that doesn't hurt women?I don't know I just feel a bit lost with this whole experience of riding.I'm disappointed in the shop I bought my bike at for not taking any interest in my inexperience with riding..The internet is great but it would have been nice if that shop was more interested in my safety now just my $$.
Feel free to post questions or just chat in the forum area, and one of us will certainly be happy to chime in with what info we may have. To get the ball rolling...

How not to get your bike stolen

Not an easy answer. Most I can say is get a good sturdy lock (that is, a U-lock type or a heavy chain, do NOT use a cable lock unless you are certain you will be within eyesight of your bike). Take any easily-removed components (headlights, etc) with you when you park the bike.

The "Sheldon Brown" method of locking a bike can be pictured here. On some bikes, this may not be entirely feasible depending on how big your lock is, how the bike is set up, etc. The reason for locking it this way is the other "common" method of locking a bike (that is, locking the frame itself by u-lock), some people have found that thieves will pick up the bike and use the frame itself as a sort of leverage bar to try to pry the lock open. Locking to the wheel like that makes it much harder to try to gain that kind of leverage.

If you have quick-release skewers, consider changing them out for one with regular or "special" bolt heads - at the very least the thieves are looking at having to spend extra time to get the wheels off - makes the next bike look more tempting.

Finally - don't leave your bike locked in some desolate alley or overnight anywhere. The more likely someone is going to see a thief wrestle with a bike, the less likely they'll make the effort and move onto a different bike with a cable (or no) lock.

Where is it safe or unsafe to go with your bike?

I'm not sure what sort of context you're meaning. During the daytime, you're pretty safe in most of the higher traffic or popular areas, basically anyplace you're going to see a steady stream of riders/joggers passing by. At night, it's sorta hit n' miss, you're better off asking about specific areas and someone can chime in with any personal experience they've had there.

Tire pressure

It should be stamped on the side of the tire - it'll vary depending on the particular tire, anywhere from 50-ish PSI up to 100+.

Seat for women

This will be very specific to your body and posture, so I'm afraid I can't really offer much advice here. General consensus is the overly soft cushy seats tend to be surprisingly less comfortable. Another important factor in how comfortable your seat is whether or not the bike is properly fitted to you. If you're positioned wrong on the bike (or the bike is the wrong size) you could be forced to sit awkwardly on the seat, putting pressure where it doesn't belong.

There are many helpful people at different bike shops in the area - knowing a rough area of town you're in, we might be able to offer suggestions about shops in your area where you might have better luck getting help - even with a bike you didn't buy there. My wife's been very pleased with the service she's gotten at Revolver in North Portland. We've also had good experiences at Seven Corners in SE. I've also had good experiences at River City and Bike Gallery - although with those places it's possible at busier times that you'll get less personal attention - they're simply higher volume shops and sometimes the pressure is to see too many people at once.

Welcome to BikePortland, and happy riding!
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Old 07-30-2008, 08:13 PM
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Default a possibility..

North Portland Bikeworks, in N Missisippi near Shaver, used to have a womens only night in the shop.
contact info is
a neighborhood learning center
3951 N Mississippi Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97227

Probably a good place to learn a bit about bikes and a bit about connecting with other women as for safety/community/etc
I am sure the Community Cycling Center may have options too..
contact info Portland, OR 97212

Phone: 503.288.8864
Fax: 503.288.1812

Bike shop: 1700 NE Alberta St.
Portland, OR 97211

Phone: 503.287.8786

General Information
Please call 503.288.8864 for general information.

website is http://www.communitycyclingcenter.org/ .. they have a Urban Cycling for women class.. i dont know anything about it,but you might find it helpful

check out shifttobikes.org also.. the calendar frequently lists womens bike events.

but the big thing to remember is that most cyclists are pretty cool about answering questions, explaining things, especially in serene settings..( dont expect much at the east end of the Hawthorne waiting for a light to change..)
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Old 07-30-2008, 08:27 PM
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Default Women for bikes forum here..

ok, Im a little slow on the uptake..

here on BikePortland Forums.. general discussions tab will get you to womens on bikes forum. Sounds like ( and looks like ) what you might be looking for.
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