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Old 04-02-2010, 12:06 PM
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Thumbs up new to the bike community, but gaining speed...

so I've been biking (sorry, cycling) for years but only in a recreation sense... always drove a car to work and got on the bicycle after and on weekends...

well now I've ditched the car and use TriMet and my bike as my primary transportation and couldn't be happier...

I'd been riding a Giant Rincon ('80's model) in street mode for the last 5 years and gave my new wife a spare Giant Yukon I had so that I could get her addicted to it as well...

now we pull a toddler in the trailer instead of dogs...

and we just picked up a new pair of his/hers Electra Townies for cruising around and for me to get to work (~15 miles round-trip)... my first new bike in 25 years and it's so comfy and smooth...

we're evolving...

now that I've been car-free since the beginning of the year I've been reading this site religiously and peeking in on all the other bicycle oriented sites in Portland...

it's great to see all the work going into evolving cycling into the spotlight it deserves and I hope to be involved in many events when the weather permits...

so expect lots of silly/stupid questions from me and try to forgive me for using the term "bikers" as I'm just that casual, sorry... (:
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Old 04-02-2010, 11:25 PM
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Hey Spiffy !...I'll extend to you the grand bikeportland forums welcome...such as it is......! This forum is actually kind of quiet compared to another that comes to mind, so more people weighing in here with good ideas could be a big benefit. I like the level of activity, content and mutual respect of another weblog...bikeforums. I wish this forum had more of that going on, focused on issues of particular concern to our area...the metro area...the west side, and so on.

Sounds as though you aren't in short supply for bikes to ride. None of them are the type I ride (road bike), but lots of people do, so you should find plenty of company. Yeah, some people....for example...our honorable Editor in Chief of Bikeportland...occasionally get anxious about 'people that ride bikes' being referred to as bicyclists, cyclists, bikers. Fear of dismissive objectification? So to keep the dude working on more important stuff, most people commenting seem to avoid the use of those words ...nyuck,nyuck, nyuck !!.

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Old 04-08-2010, 06:52 AM
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Smile Welcome to the Forum!

Hi Spiffy,

Welcome to the forums here. Sorry it's been so long before I was able to get around to saying "Hi".

I have to agree with wsbob, it has been quiet around here for a while. But people do check it out. So, it's still a good place to get local questions addressed.

All The Best!
Riding my bike is MY pursuit of Happiness!!!
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