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Default Here's one option...

The route I take out to Gresham goes thusly:

From downtown, cross the Hawthorne Bridge and follow the bike route through Ladd's Addition. Leave Ladd's via Harrison St, by turning right off Ladd's Circle at Pailo's coffee shop (follow the Bike Route signs).

Cross 20th Ave and take the Harrison/Lincoln bike route to the entrance of Mt. Tabor Park. Follow the park road up the hill to the first "Y" intersection. Stay to the right and go back downhill.

When you leave the park, you will be back on Harrison St. Go forward until you get to 76th Ave.

Jog left on 76th, then a quick right on to Stephens. Take Stephens down to 80th, then turn left on 80th. Turn right on Mill (next street). There is a light at 82nd and Mill which makes crossing the street easier. You will probably need to go over and hit the pedestrian crossing button because the loop detectors in the street don't do a very good job of recognizing bikes.

Continue forward on Mill until you get to 89th. Turn left on 89th, then right on Market. Proceed forward on Market, crossing 92nd Ave, I-205, 97th Ave, etc. all the way out to 130th Ave. Market is a wide two lane street with not much traffic. You will have the same crossing situation on 122nd as exists on 82nd, unless a car pulls up to trip the light signal.

At 130th, turn right, then take the next left on Mill. Proceed forward on Mill. At 151st Ave, it makes a big, sweeping "S" curve and becomes Main St. Continue on Main to 182nd Ave. There is a bike lane on 182nd which will take you all the way to Powell and the Springwater. Out here, the Springwater is much smoother than it is closer in to Portland.

All the afore mentioned streets are quiet and wide. Once you get to 182nd, the situation changes. There are bike lanes or wide shoulders on the major arterials, so they are relatively safe for cycling. But traffic is fast and you'll need to keep an eye peeled for broken glass. There isn't a good secondary street route further east than 182nd that I am aware of due to the lack of a street grid (damn cul-de-sacs!). I haven't encountered any hostility from drivers out there, but I do raise my guard a bit, simply because East County drivers don't typically encounter the number of cyclists that folks living west of 82nd do. I don't think it's unsafe, by any stretch, though. The only real jerk drivers I find around here are in Clackamas County. They can be mean, as well as ignorant. The Multnomah County drivers are just ignorant. :/

Hope that works for you.

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