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Default Downtown PTLD to Gresham Route

I'm looking for a good route to Gresham. The Springwater Corridor trail is extremely uncomfortable at any productive speed on my road bike. It's like riding over miles of paved over tree roots. There's a portion of the trail (somewhere around 72nd?) that is paved and fantastic, but it goes back to crap at the next major intersection. Yesterday, I made it to the I-205 intersection and gave up. Any ideas, safe routes that are have low motor vehicle counts or are free of cars?

I really don't feel safe on roads outside of downtown or inner East side. I have this vision that people in the burbs aren't used to bikes, don't see them, or have greater hostility toward them and that all it takes is for one person with reduced attention on their cell phone to enter a bike lane and it's curtains for me. In the burbs, I feel like I'm constantly looking over my shoulder, downtown I am totally confident, taking lanes, asserting my right to ride.

If anybody commutes from Gresham, knows of safe routes, or would like to waylay my fears, please share.

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