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Default Sellwood to NE Ainsworth Circle (just off Airport Way, east of I-205)

Can someone suggest a good route? I'm unfamiliar with that part of town. Ordinarily I assume I'd take the Springwater Trail to the I-205 bike path but, unfortunately, the I-205 path is still closed south of Powell, so I need suggestions for the part in between the SWT and the I-205 and then I have no idea what it's like getting from the bike path to Airport Way, heading east. I'm hoping it's pretty straightforward.

Or maybe there's a completely different route that's superior to what I've sketched out.

A mile estimate would be nice to have, also, for determining my departure time. I will be making this trip six times in the coming weeks and I'd sure love to be able to bike it and not have to drive it.

Much obliged for the helpfulness of forum responders. Bikeportlanders are great!
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