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Default Alternative to B-H thru B-town

I used to ride from Beaverton, out Beaverton-Hillsdale, and up over Terwilliger to downtown and Waterfront Park (and back the same way) as one of my favorite recreational rides. It's actually a pretty nice route until you get west of Scholls Ferry...

Don't know whether your goal is to assert your presence on difficult roads or to find an "easier" route, but here is one alternative to riding Beaverton-Hillsdale along the most bike-unfriendly stretch:

The initial bit up Scholls Ferry is uphill, but not unmanageable if you can handle Terwilliger. When you get to Chestnut Pl., you have to watch for the path that heads into the little wooded area--it goes past an apartment complex and comes out on 5th at Western. 5th street has a bike lane, and after it turns into 6th street, it is a pretty quiet neighborhood street with some "calming humps" that keep traffic slow. I believe there is a signal at 149th and Farmington that will facilitate the left turn onto Farmington. Try it if you feel like exploring.
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