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Default A new/old good website for route planning?

Participants of the email list have discussed the different ways we might get bike route information similar to that provided by ( Unfortunately, it seems that is dormant at the moment, at least for new coverage areas.

My personal belief is that Google is actually in the best position to provide these services.

Part of my reasoning is that Google can provide a single infrastructure and then have smaller bicycle communities take advantage of it. And Google already has the expertise in dealing with local governments for transit information, etc. And Google has vast resources - a nontrivial consideration. And they have incredible and concentrated technical expertise. And it probably makes lots of business sense for them to do it.

So, I set up Google Maps 'Bike There' ( to help show Google that there is actually strong interest in this feature. I need help going over a draft of a petition I want to post to PetitionsOnline.

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