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Lightbulb Posting Tips! 101

For successful posting, I've found that using the Post Icons, and Smilies also help a lot, rather than the boring... default

Adding images can be done...
In the menu that you see when you start a post, there is . Click on it, then if MIE puts up an information bar, click on "Temporarily Allow Scripted Windows"... click on the Insert Image again, and paste the URL of the image you want to show... and Voila! She is Beautiful! No?

URLs are done the same way, just click on and don't paste in an images's link.

An Image can be made into a link, Just replace the printed Link URL with the Image's URL (and dont forget the IMG begin and end tags) for proof, just click that sexy glow in the dark bike above... (I'd have put a wink here, but you're limited to 5 images per post)

It just takes practice...

Members, Any other tips you can suggest? Post Em!
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