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Hey, thanks for the replies! All are appreciated.

-Won't be commuting probably 'till spring once I'm done training at work.

t27, I'll check out some way to connect to that rosa road.

Looks to be a "messy" commute no matter how I do it from here, and a tad bit longer than what I was used to back east. Might give it a try though a few times a week-but we are likely going to move in the spring anyways. We're thinking of moving to either "Tanasbourne" or "Orenco" areas. Better max access (my GF doesn't drive), and then it'd be a simple cycle commute for me.

K'tesh, no worries about lighting up. I even have a nifty xenon strobe (bought from "allelectronics") which works fine off of a 9V battery. I hooked up a remote switch to it too. Need to have that one shipped from storage back east, but I do tend to light up pretty well.
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