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Default Springwater Trail Safety

This opinion article ran in the Sunday Oregonian on Dec. 23, 2007:

an excerpt: "The geographic and cultural catalyst of this sickening blight springs from 82nd Avenue and the Springwater Trail. These corridors can be characterized as strips of lawlessness. They seem to be a no man's land. The corner of 82nd and Flavel and the intersection of Flavel and the Springwater Trail are particularly bad, a haven for drugs and prostitution, where people can slip between the street and the trail. In five years, I have never ridden my bike or walked our section of the trail, only two blocks away, because I am afraid of the groups of people living in the brush."

I'm not timid and I don't mean to frighten people or to stop using the trail, but it can't hurt to be aware of existing situations. Just thought I'd draw people's attention to this article written by a young mother/artist living in the vicinity described.
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