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Smile Thanks for all your suggestions!

Thanks lynnef for the detailed route suggestion! I like the idea of avoiding Cedar Hills Blvd as the stretch that crosses Hwy26 always makes me uncomfortable. I'd also like to avoid Walker west of 173rd if all possible. I'll try Cornell->173rd->Walker... tonight and see how it goes.

Thanks, Simple Nature and K'Tesh! I'd rather not ride on Hwy26. Trying to turn left onto NW Cedar Hills Blvd exiting Hwy26 is a nightmare in a car. I cannot imagine doing that on a bike (My best bet would be tagging along with a left-turning car and riding really fast). No to mention that I have seen plenty of drivers passing on the shoulder illegally when traffic is backup, or zipping out abruptly to make an exit when they almost miss it. It would be too stressful to be healthy even if I don't get run over.

I'm not too ashamed to ride on sidewalks. It's just that I've been taught that riding on sidewalks is unsafe, and I find it a nuisance. Besides, the "sidewalk" on the stretch of Cornell between Cedar Hills Blvd and NW 107th Ave is a zigzaged narrow dirt path garnished with tall weeds and low hanging tree branches.
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