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Originally Posted by wyeast View Post
What section are you riding down? There should be an alternate route, meandering through neighborhoods or using roads like Lombard, Nimbus, or Greenway. Yeah, you sometimes have to cross a major road, but as long as you pick your intersections you can at least get a signal.

And yeah. Hall is baaaad juju. Has been for at least 20 years. Beaverton's a town where the roads were designed for 20,000 population, now forced to cope with 100,000.
Meandering isn't a very good option, I'm trying to get to work (and I'm often running late, and I don't like neighborhood traffic/traffic controls). Sure, I could start earlier, but I don't like arriving hot and sweaty (or dead/beat/late).

When I was going to work using Hall, I started on Broadway and Watson, proceeded south until Watson joined Hall. Then it was Hall all the way down till I turned onto Cascade. Cascade crosses Scholls, then goes on to Greenburg. Greenburg to 99W, thru the parking lots of Napa Auto Parts, and 7-11, then back on Hall.

Problems were found where there was no bike lane, or where Hall crosses Greenway (RIGHT HOOKS), as well as all the busy intersections and driveways. Whats worse, traffic is often faster on Hall (20-40mph) than on Hwy 217 (12-35mph) during rush hour.
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