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Default The Hwy 217 route map.

Originally Posted by lynnef View Post
I remember you saying you live up by St. V's...
Thanks lynnef,

I actually live closer to downtown Beaverton... Here's my map..

I'm a little shy of using the Fanno Creek Trail... I've heard that it floods... and I wan't to ride faster than what I've been able to pull off on the trail (Read: Slower than will get me to work on time).

Also, the On/Off ramps are not that difficult to navigate... Look behind you...
Wait till it's clear... Signal your turn... Turn... Keep Riding.

It is noisy, and there are a lot of cars, but they all are going the same way you are, and there's no stopsigns/lights, driveways, dogs, iPloders, or gaps in the bikelane (of course it's a shoulder, and at times very narrow (ie: under Hall, past Greenburg)), but I haven't had too much trouble.

I must say there is that guilty pleasure of passing cars stuck in the rush hour crawl.

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