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Question Hwy 217 Commuter Trail?

For my current commute, I ride on Hwy 217.

For 3 years I've been begging for a Hwy 217 Commuter Trail, but I'm told that it is too expensive, and there isn't enough support for a trail that could cost nearly 1Mil/mile ("Can you justify 1M/mile for one rider?"). I've pointed out the success of the I205 trail, but it doesn't phase them.

There's some great areas along Hwy 217 that could become a wonderful commuter/rec MUP (ie. paralleling the new Wilsonville/Beaverton Commuter Train (WES), set to start late 2008 ). I understand that there are areas that paralleling wouldn't work, but come on... Hall Blvd is dangerous, and I'm not sure that the Fanno Creek Trail would be a viable 24/7/365 commuting alternative.

So, are they right? Is it 1M/mile for one rider as they say? Or, is it "If you build it they will come" as I say? I do understand that there is a problem with obtaining the funding, but I think they are dismissing it out of hand.

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