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Well I try to be on the trail by 8:00 am and at work by 8:30
I live like 3 blocks away from the entrance to the spring water trail right where it hits Umatilla, if there is anyone who is biking through at this time I'd love to buddy up to downtown... I work off park ave. straight up from the Hawthorne Bridge.

so for indentification purposes....

I ride a mostly black full susp. Specialized,front, rear disc's, locked out, silver front forks, handlebar mounted light, red blinky on seatpost... and a red helmet blinky. and some skinny ass tires fixed to some my all black all mountain rims...minus the lights... I'm stealthy like ninja;
with specialized black helmet with the IZ blacked out to make me special ED, black tights, black, black and black... I'm really trying to be visible honest
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