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Originally Posted by bikieboy View Post
don't frighten me like that...
Why does it frighten you that I operate my vehicles in a safe and legal manner? (ie on the roadway and not on the shoulder)

Originally Posted by bikieboy View Post
glad you asked. According to, a mere 600 feet of total elevation gain over the 4 miles from Hwy 43/Terwilliger to Barbur, then a very subtle downhill grade into Stumptown Proper.
Thanks, I forgot about Starting at where Willamette Falls Dr comes to the old Oregon City-West Linn bridge, I drew both your route and the one up McCoughlin/Milwaukie I've done before. Your route is over a mile shorter but has over 500 extra feet in elevation gain. I'll ride them both next chance I get and see which is faster (or less painful)

While I was on, I tried a westerly route out of Willamette which ended up at Boones Ferry and Terwilliger then follow bikieboy's route from there. The mileage seemed comparable but the elevation changes were even 300 feet worse. Are there any flatter routes out that way?

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