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Default far out on Marine Drive unpleasantness

So I checked out a N / NE ride from the Rubber To The Road (vol.2) book a few weeks ago-- the loop that starts by the Broadway Bridge and runs up Marine Drive around the peninsula up by Rivergate and back down Lombard in St. Johns (ride #5?).

This was a Tuesday afternoon, and there was quite a presence of heavy trucks sharing my space after N Portland Rd splits from Marine--
there were a couple very hairy segments!

The first occurred by the entrance to Kelley Point Park, where the road travels over a narrow bridge (and turns back into Lombard) with no bike lane and plenty of semis travelling 45+ mph. The drivers didn't seem to expect bike traffic at all.

Further along the route, I headed up N Burgard and was met with what seemed to be a very dangerous intersection at the top of the hill where Time Oil Rd ends-- tons of truck traffic from the shipping container yard and elsewhere, and a tight hill and blind corner when Lombard starts up again. I understand 4pm on a weekday is probably one of the busier times for the area, but the situation definitely made me feel like I was taking my life in my hands.

Anyone got a better route for squeezing pleasant milage out of the peninsula?

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