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Originally Posted by Cruizer View Post
I just rode up to 78th and Duke this afternoon from Westmoreland (which some people think is Sellwood).
Westmoreland is a suburb of Sellwood, right?

Originally Posted by Cruizer View Post
I'm surprised that Woodstock is even suggested as a bike route east of 39th. The traffic is heavy and there are lots of curb extensions and long median structures that funnel bikes and cars into a single lane of traffic through the shopping district. And cars are parked all along the street so you really have to give yourself a wide berth to avoid doors.
This is a great example of someplace where it is only safe to take the entire lane, which is fully within your right pursuant to Oregon law.

I feel perfectly comfortably riding along this stretch at ~20mph, but many motorists often wrongfully take exception. Still, if you're going straight through, your route certainly looks safer. Good tip.
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