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Default not as rainy as it seems

Hi - yep those lovely raindrops are here to stay for a few months. BUT I have to say that luckily it doesn't rain ALL day long. Usually it only rains for a little while and then stops or becomes a mist. If you look at the past winter's weather you will see that it didn't actually rain every day BUT it threatened to do it. I think that is one of the reasons why people don't ride - because they believe it is going to rain.

With that being said - I don't leave my house during the fall/winter without my rain gear or at least a jacket. I hate being cold, but I do warm up fast on a bike.

I have learned to wear something on my head (in addition to my helmet), something covering my ears, a scarf, wool socks and a variety of gloves. I haven't really found a pair that works that good. I even tried "windstoppers" last year - I felt the wind.

I have a burley jacket that is great when it is REALLY cold or wet but I get sweaty inside. I prefer a wool sweater and a windproof vest when it isn't wet.

And I don't really enjoy my rainpants either - but I usually bike in my work clothes. Sometimes I will ride in lycra tights and just get wet - they dry pretty fast.

I hear that wool knee highs are a great way to keep warm. Basically you just have to play around with it.

Keep riding though because it really helps beat the blues. Janis
Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.
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