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Originally Posted by zeldabee View Post
Disclaimer: I am a dork.
As are we all Except those folks who commute in full race kit on their "beater" race bike and may not even carry a backpack

(you can tell I was amazed at the Colnago with full Campy, no fenders OR underseat bag in the rack at a friend's place of employ.)

A shower cap on your helmet keeps the downpour out

Today's clothing (disclaimer: I was feeling cold)
Showers Pass Elite jacket (accept no substitutes)
Shebeest Pedal Pushers
Pearl Izumi AmFib tights over that
Sugoi Resistor booties
Long sleeve jersey
sleeveless fleece vest w/hood, and I wore the hood
long finger gloves w/GloGlovs over them

It did rain heavily. I didn't care.

I expect I'll not be wearing all of it on the ride home, but that's what a pannier is for.
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