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Originally Posted by bikieboy View Post
Any clues as to why, or for how long, it's closed? It's not like there's a lot of nearby options for crossing the Clackamas River, & I-25 doesn't sound too swell...

Anyone know what agency that maintains this bridge?
It's closed indefinitely. There was a fire last fall on the underside of the bridge where the sewer line runs - that fire weakened the bridge structure. Until the bridge is repaired, the City of Gladstone has closed the bridge to pedestrians and cyclists and erected fencing on either end of the bridge. The bridge is an old railroad right-of-way that IIRC was given or sold to the City of Gladstone. Gladstone has hired a contractor to repair the bridge, but subsequently got into an argument with the contractor over cost. Construction will not start until the parties resolve the issue, so the bridge remains closed. Given how late it is in the year, it's very unlikely that the bridge will be repaired before early next summer.

The only valid alternate routes are the bridge at McLoughlin (1/2 mile west of Hwy 213) and the bridge at Carver (about 2-3 miles east). There are 2 other bridges over the Clackamas nearby, but they are not available to bikes - one is I-205, the other is the Union Pacific Railroad mainline bridge. The railroad bridge looks tempting - DO NOT CROSS THERE! It is a very active line with 20+ trains per day, and trains CANNOT stop before hitting you - it takes approximately 2500'-12,000' for a train to stop, depending on its length and load. Likewise, I don't recommend I-205: the shoulder narrows at the Clackamas River bridge and it carries a high volume of traffic at 55-65 mph.

I've posted a number of times on this forum in different threads about this closure, but there is no central area to post road/bridge/path closures.
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