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The Shower's Pass Elite is the best $180 I've spent on a rain jacket. It's both breathable and waterproof, and there's pockets galore. Unlike the Burley, the women's cut actually fit me properly. I'm about 2 clothing sizes larger in my hips than above my waist, so bike-specific clothes have been a challenge for me. There's no way I'm going to spent $150+ on a jacket that doesn't really fit. This fits, breathes, and keeps me dry.

I didn't get rain pants. I get too hot. Instead, I bought these things called Rainlegs. They're like chaps, and they keep you dry because they cover the parts of your legs that get really wet when it's raining. The rest of you is uncovered, and so you don't get overheated. Most people in the US have to order them online, but we're really lucky in Portland because one LBS carries them - Clever Cycles. It's also great because 2 of the owners are women, and they will help you figure out which is the best size for you and help you put them on the first time. They're certainly worth checking out to see if they're right for you.

I don't have shoes that are waterproof per se, I just picked out a pair of shoes that will dry quickly. I also wear wool socks. My feet get wet no matter what, but with wool they will at least be warm when they're wet. I spring for the Smart Wool socks because they're soft and durable.
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