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Default Commute from Beaverton

I commute 4 days a week from NE Portland t Downtown Beaverton.
During to sumer I'll go over the Hill using Twilliger or Montgomery, but in the winter or when I'm feeling tired I'll use my "standard" route using Barbur and BH Hwy. The streets are bust and not the prettiest, but there are bike lanes and it's pretty safe. Care must be taken on the two overpasses on Barbur where bicycles ride on the street for about 1 blk. Two "tricks" :

Taking Bertha to B H Hwy is much easier than taking the Capital Hwy exit. It's just a bit longer and it's a notch in the hill with less % grade. The 2nd "trick" is that the bike lane ends at BH Hwy and Scholls.
See Map:

Take Dogwood and follow through some name changes to Nichol. Jog acroos Scholls Ferry to Jamieson. Jamieson to Cypress a jog on Chestnut to the bike path which takes you past Western to the 5th Ave bike lane.

I take this 2 days a week during the summer and 4 days a week when it's raining or in the winter.
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