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Default that is a way delayed response

beaverton is still a 'burb.
good for your commute. its sounds like a great ride. i dont think most bike commuters would like to or could climb 500 to 1000 feet to and from work everyday. you obviously could, as could i. i wouldnt recommend riding that much to someone who just bought a 'beater. who knows, perhaps the original poster can ride 2 hrs a day but many cant.

your post was so angry that it sounds as if i hit a nerve. if you are right and i am wrong, shouldnt i be angry that beaverton is a nicer place to live?

i've ridden through beaverton, i plan on doing it daily next year. i still wont move there. i prefer to live in town and commute farther to hillsboro.
i feel that a street with a 35 mph or 45 mph speed limit is horrible to ride on due to the speed of traffic and the inattentiveness of drivers.

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