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Originally Posted by fetishridr View Post
the city of beaverton is entirely designed around the automobile. i have ridden/commuted through it and yes its possible to ride a nice route free of traffic. The older parts of portland however, were designed at an earlier time w/out so many automobiles.
more people commute in portland than in beaverton. check out the numbers on the hawthorne bridge crossing.

so for the search for housing, st johns is cheap and a nice ride to town. there are some cool neighborhoods off of interstate (cesar chavez) as well as the alberta/mississippi corridors.
also check out areas south of 84 but north of burnside, theyre allright. 50th to 82nd. The area just east of mt tabor is cool too. cheap houses, probably cheap rent. foster/holgate to clinton is cheaper too. i'd start looking there. milwaukie is always an option, 1/2 hr to 45 minutes to PSU and really cheap rent. i think that milwaukie is going to start getting more expensive in the next few years.
there are also a lot of cheaper duplexes, apartments, and one bedrooms in the central eastside.( inside 28th)
Beaverton has been around a long time. Central Beaverton was there long before the automobile became common. The reason our roads wander around so much is that they were originally trails!

As for more people commuting in Portland - well more people LIVE in Portland. Also, while the Hawthorne Bridge counts are impressive, that's because riders who commute over the river are pretty much funneled into 2 major crossings. Commuters here go from everywhere to everywhere, and are spread out. I see more cyclists every day, on my commute.

Granted the housing developments from a certain time period are suboptimal for non-auto traffic, as in, if you want to GO anywhere, you've got to get onto a major connector.

I, however, live in an older area (not technically in Beaverton, either), and cycling works for me. Heck, my kids could safely ride their bikes to all their schools.
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