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Originally Posted by haggis View Post
Thanks lynnef. I live a mile from Tek and worked there 20 years and walked to work more than I ever biked. No apologies here for living in the 'burbs. Stuff happens and I work downtown now so would really like to bike commute if it won't kill me - these route discussions are very helpful. Thanks for noting the difference between Humphrey and Hewitt. From the sound of it, you will almost certainly pass me struggling up Park Way some evening, so give a wave to the wheezing fellow on the gray Cross-Check. And if you remember Interleaf, try not to lob a water bottle at me
Well I'd be the person on the Rivendell Bleriot with the amazing hammered Honjo fenders. Everyone passes me on the Park Way hill. You too, probably!

The burb stuff was not directed at you. I'm just getting tired of the Beaverton stereotyping

I do remember Interleaf. I was the Interleaf Goddess of my group, and got to take lots of fun training classes so I could answer questions. Autonumbers ROCK! I suspect we actually knew each other in a previous life.
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