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Originally Posted by haggis View Post
If you were a fifty+ newbie rider with a compact double crank, would one of those routes lynnef described be preferable from either an altitude or traffic perspective? From motorcycling days I seem to recall Humphrey/Hewitt as twisty and narrow.

I've been riding back and forth from my house near Tek to the Sylvan interchange to build up a little strength and average speed. Now that I can get that far merely winded rather than gasping I'm ready to try to extend my range (with the ultimate goal of making pretty much the very commute this topic discusses).

Hope this doesn't count as a thread hijack. Since it's the topic route I thought it might be better to hitch a ride rather than start an essentially duplicate topic.
Hewett is twisty, but has NO traffic and is essentially flat. Humphrey has more traffic. For the record, *I* am 50+, have a road bike with triple, and have no problems with any of the routes I suggested. My idea of a fun evening ride is to head from MY house (after riding home from Tek up the Park Way hill) up to Council Crest and Fairmount

One can also go around the hill on Beaverton-Hillsdale (ick) toTerwilliger (up) or Capitol Hwy (down, heavy traffic).

And for those comments on living in the burbs - I live here. I also WORK here, with 2 groceries, Powells, and 2 bike stores between the two. When the weather is truly bad, I can walk or snowshoe to work. It works for me. My children went to school here - good schools, I might add. Nuff said.

Off to go climb the Park Way hill with a loaded bike. You have a good evening
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