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Beaverton to PSU isn't bad. You'd probably go over the Sunset Hwy bike path, and either do Hewett or Humphrey, then descend Broadway to pop right out by PSU (Broadway road surface isn't all that great), or go through Washington Park and work your way back to PSU.

Coming back... You could use MAX to get back (you can take your bike on), or ride back. I like to climb up Vista, myself, but Washington Park is really nice as well. Of course I do them a couple times a year not every day. A friend of mine is a prof at PSU and he rides in Every Day from west of 185th Ave. And back. His story of riding home in the snow and ice last winter is the stuff of legend.

Of course, you could ride up Salmon to get to Washington Park (remember that YouTube video of all the cars sliding down? That was Salmon. You'll need those low gears).

Or go around the hill via Terwilliger (still a climb but not so steep). Depends where in Beaverton you end up.

Sure, you could beat the 70 minutes You'll like it here, too!
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