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Originally Posted by Chuckbike
Thanks! The map is helpful and I think I spotted the bike path on Google Earth. It looks like the path crosses from the West to East side of 205 at Burnside, but otherwise is a straight shot (with a few other street crossings).
It is a straight shot - I used to ride it frequently. It's even better since they built the bike/ped bridge over Powell. It's a straight shot to Burnside, anyway - at Burnside turn right and stay on the sidewalk while crossing I-205. At the other side there is a crosswalk over the MAX tracks, and then you've got a pedestrian path next to a wall along the tracks. Follow that to Glisan and turn left on the sidewalk to the freeway ramp. Cross Glisan at the ramp - careful, cars exiting the freeway onto Glisan heading for Gateway don't always look before they turn, and this is a hazardous crossing. On the other side of Glisan the bike path picks up again, going past Gateway transit center. From here, just follow the path until it spits you out at Sandy. At Sandy, turn right and follow the sidewalk to the light, cross at the light and then cross Sandy at the light to pick up on the path again. That will take you right to the bridge.

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