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Default over the hill

I too work near 217. On Nimbus, south of Hall Blvd to be more precise. I also live east of the river and take the Broadway Bridge to downtown.

However, my home-bound route (I always ride MAX to B-tron TC in the mornings) is Scholls Ferry to Laurelwood then wind through whatever neighboorhood that is north of B-Hills Hwy to the new mixed use path. I actually catch the path right as it ends but there is enough there to take me past the church to Raab Rd/Scholls/Sylvan. From there I get on the Sunset and ride down to the Goose Hollow exit. It is 12 miles door to door and takes me about 60-65 minutes.

I've thought about taking Terwilliger, but B-Hills Hwy always seems so sketch. Especially the uphill direction. Plus I know don't that route as well and figure there is a chance I could get lost or accidentally on a road I really don't want to be on. I may have to take another look-see sometime.
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