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Originally Posted by jwdoom View Post
PDOT/ODOT laid down some nice bike lanes on 92nd, but that's a pretty crappy road between Powell and Foster. So I dunno. No trip to CTC for me, I guess.
Did they lay down lanes up on the hill near Johnson Creek Boulevard?

Originally Posted by jwdoom View Post
92nd between Holgate and Foster is narrow and unless PDX is willing to let Lents Park be torn up right by the baseball stadium it's not going to change. They might bar on street parking by the residents, but that seems unlikely, too.
The Tri-Met pdf specifically states they are not changing Holgate-Foster. The road is too narrow.

Originally Posted by jwdoom View Post
For me the whole street is just too bloody hilly, and it comes to a dead end at about Halsey on the north end and past Johnson Creek it turns into a fairly steep up hill slope.
Actually, it comes to a dead end at Stark/Washington, and the hill on the south side starts long before JCB. JCB is near the middle of the hill, but it keeps climbing past that up to Otty Road, where 92nd becomes Bob Schumacher Drive.

Originally Posted by Oldguyonabike View Post
I ride the 205 stretch daily and had been curious why all the heavy equipment started showing up earlier this month. I had no idea this is LRT.
Most of what they are doing right now is leveling the sites for the stations, and laying the ground work there for the utilities.

Originally Posted by jwdoom View Post
Actually the 205 bike path is now blocked at SE Harold while TriMet builds a light rail bridge.
The Harold closure began on Monday, two days ago. First of many, I guess. I'm not taking 92nd - too hilly for me. I come off the Springwater Trail to the 205 trail, so I'm now detouring down to King / Causey and cutting through the CTC parking lot to get to the trail again at I-205 and Sunnyside. On days when I feel daring, I sometimes take the bike lanes on 82nd that run from somewhere between JCB and King to just past Monterrey.

One thing's for sure - the closures will be a pain.
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