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Originally Posted by tao View Post

I live on the east side of I-205 in Vancouver. I took Sandy Blvd. when I bike commuted last year. It is the most direct route but it is not ideal.

Anyone knows a safer route?

I ride from East Vancouver (I live close to McGillivray) close to downtown all the time. I used to go all the way downtown, finishing a block from Big Pink. Here's my favorite (sorry, no map):

I-205 bridge and path to Sandy Blvd.
Sandy Blvd. over I-205 to Prescott
Prescott across NE (wider road, lightly traveled)
left on NE 40th, 39th or 38th for one block, before Prescott narrows down
right on Skidmore to NE 33rd
quick left/right on NE 33rd then NE Mason
bend left on NE Regents, descend to NE 21st
left on NE 21st, follow it down to Broadway
right on Broadway, take the bike lane all the way downtown

Going home nowadays, I tend to ride up Vancouver all the way to the I-5 bridge, and then go across town on McLoughlin, MacArthur and McGillivray. That avoids climbing the I-205 bridge- the noise gets to me if I'm riding slowly (although during afternoon rush hour I think I'm going as fast as some cars).

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