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Here's the article I wrote about it:
"Safety concerns may close popular cemetery route"

my recollection was that the cemetery management is very understanding and cool with bikes....BUT they simply demand respect for their private property. Not sure where exactly it ended up but I know my coverage of the issue helped bring a lot of people to the table. Including lawyer Ray Thomas, cemetery manager David Noble, and the BTA.

Here's a bit from an email from David Noble that might be helpful:

"The only acceptable solution in River View's opinion, is that bicyclists
understand that this is private property and that it is a privilege, not
a "right", to ride here; that they must obey the speed limit; that under
no circumstances should they ride their bicycles across the grass and/or
grave markers; and that they understand that cemetery visitors are
frequently grief-stricken and unaware of how they are driving, which
means that everyone else (bicyclists, other autos, cemetery maintenance
vehicles, etc.) are always the one responsible to avoid a collision.
Any cyclist that finds these restrictions too burdensome can simply
bypass River View and utilize Taylor's Ferry Road to navigate between
Terwilliger Blvd. and Macadam Avenue."

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