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Originally Posted by Go Canucks View Post
That is an interesting suggestion!
We could cycle west from Union Station to Forest Grove. (I'm leary of trying to take a fully loaded touring bike with tent, sleeping bag and 4 panniers onto rapid transit during rush hour) Then the next morning we could head west to Cape Lookout State Park via hwy #6.

Thanks for all this great advice. All of you fellow cyclists have been very helpful.
I wouldn't recommend trying to get a group of cyclists with touring gear on the MAX, either. It will be crowded...

However, you can also get out to the coast the "southern" route from Forest Grove. If you follow the Bikely route I posted, perhaps after spending a great night at the Grand Lodge, soaking in their hot soaking pool, and having a great dinner with their very own microbrews and/or wines in the Ironwork Grill, with breakfast at the very same grill OR Maggie's Buns (drop dead excellent sticky buns) if you head south as posted, but at Ewing Young Elementary, turn onto Dopp Rd (it would be a right off North Valley from my route, just before the school), and follow these maps from Map 3, Portland to the Beach:

To actually GET to these maps I mention, click on Event Information on the left side, and then Route Maps and Info. You are interested in the Portland to the Beach (which is really south Beaverton to the Beach ) and Amity to the Beach. This route takes you over the Little Nestucca and all. And it is really nice, especially since you AREN'T doing the Beaverton to Ewing Young Elementary part.
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