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Originally Posted by NA_CA View Post
If you should decide to come through Hillsboro please stop by my shop for refreshments. If I have an ETA I can have the coffee, tea or OJ ready and some pastries- I hear we have a new bakery-and this will be reason to try it.
Good luck and have a great trip. This goes for any other riders...just let me know how many to expect and when. Nancy @ Pedestrian & Safety Products, 131 SE 3rd AVE., Hillsboro, OR. 503.648.5300
First of all I'd like to put in a plug for NA_CA's shop... Lots of nice visibility gear that might prove useful on your adventure.

Second, I might reconsider the route you've choosen... I would work west from Portland by the transit train MAX to Hillsboro and set yourself up some nice lodging in Forest Grove. Get a good night's rest, a hearty breakfast (Maggy's Buns?) and trek straight down to McMinnville down hwy 47. It is a beautiful ride (renowned as a matter of fact) and relatively calm on the weekdays. ('relatively' is relative, of course). Your first day will still be under 100 miles. You will also have decent shoulders all the way down to McMinnville.

Please head the warnings of others about roads around Portland. We have a lot of trees here and many roads are windy and narrow when you get off the beaten path... And Portlandians are very impatient people when it comes to driving. Once you get away from the city lights, you can relax a bit... but never let down your guard.

Enjoy the trip... when will you be here?
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