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Default Remember these 2 things

A couple more things:

First: If you take bikieboys route, I wouldn't go up Pete's Mountain. Instead, stay on Willamette Falls Blvd in West Linn (which becomes Borland Rd outside of town) and then turn left onto Turner Road. That hooks up with Mountain Road at the top, which will take you all the way down to the ferry. It's an easier grade, and a lot less dangerous.

Second: If you are going via Oregon City, the Oak's Bottom path to 17th to River Road route has a tricky bit once you get to downtown Milwaukie. At the intersection of 17th and 99E, turn right onto the paved path through the Milwaukie Riverfront Park. Go south through the park until the waste water treatment plant is right in front of you. Then turn towards the river, and there'll be a bike path entrance at the end of the little driveway. This path will take you between the water plant and the river, and prevents you from having to get on 99E. Then just turn left up Bob White street, and get on the River Road couplet, and go up the hill.

The rest of the navigation is pretty easy. Just write if you have any questions.
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