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If you DO decide to go up over Pete's Mountain, please be careful.

If it's a sunny day, be aware that under the tree canopy, cars cannot see you. It's a twisty, steep road that can have a lot of traffic, and there are some blind corners that you simply can't see around.

If you need to stop to rest, please pull off into one of the numerous driveways, DON'T just stop at the side of the road.

If there are a lot of you, it would be beneficial to have some sort of Sag Wagon that can follow your group up with four-way flashers on, just so you don't get run over by impatient people trying to get to the golf course at the top, or trying to get home.

I grew up on top of "the Hill", and my parents still live up there. I've never biked up the Hill, though; I'm a hill weenie. There aren't any shoulders or bike lanes on the Hill, either.
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