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Default faster route, and not as sucky

i ride out that way all the time. i dont have a cool map though. i'll try to describe it.
as you come off the 205 path heading south, the path crossed airport way, then drops down onto a sidewalk with a stop sign. turn right here instead of going south on the path (alderwood rd). proceed along the wide, bike laned route and cross 82nd. there is minimal traffic. the road then turns south and keep going untill it hits columbia. turn right and go 100 yards (you can even use the suicide lane) and turn at 1st left (cully) that part is the only part thats high traffic. take cully up all the way( there is a sketchy 5 way stop sign) untill it turns into 57th. you can proceed south until the tillamook bike blvd or take sandy. i ride this a lot to get to marine dr. and i've never had problems. its way shorter than going all the way to the burnside area bike blvd. and you dont have to ride concrete paths the whole way. take a look at google maps

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